ASA's members have the opportunity to join one or more Committees, which serve to provide valuable benefits directly to the members through supporting each committee's objectives.

Training Committee

The Training Committee provides high quality marine casualty response courses and seminars for the U.S. Coast Guard and, upon invitation, at select industry conferences. Members of this committee include senior salvage industry executives and salvage masters who volunteer their years of experience and technical expertise in a cooperative effort to educate others about the salvage industry and to foster positive relationships between the salvage industry, regulatory officials and maritime industry leaders.
Committee Chairperson: Kerry Walsh, Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is committed to promoting general maritime industry interest with a focus on marine salvage, and to help develop maritime industry expertise through interactive experience with ASA salvage professionals. The Committee's goal is to support career development in all maritime disciplines inclusive of, but not limited to, the development of both licensed and unlicensed seafarers, and to provide encouragement for licensed officers to reach senior officer status and to gain experience at sea. For non-seafarers, the promotion of math, sciences, engineering, naval architecture, diving, environmental sciences, robotics, marine insurance, maritime law, ocean engineering, accounting, logistics, and other related fields is a focus of the Committee. This committee organizes the Future Salvors Program as well as the Annual Marine Science Scholarship Competition.
Committee Chairperson: Mara DuVernois, Resolve Marine

Regulatory Affairs Committee

The Regulatory Affairs Committee provides support to the ASA through the review of regulation and policy impacting the membership, and through dialogue with federal and state agency staff. The Regulatory Affairs Committee, whose membership consists of senior salvage company managers, identifies and tracks regulation and policy being considered, proposed or promulgated by federal and state agencies. The Committee also drafts new regulatory changes that may benefit the ASA membership, and, if the agencies request review by the ASA of proposed drafts, the Committee undertakes that task. Through its work, this Committee assists in ensuring that public policy impacting the salvage industry both facilitates commerce and furthers the protection of lives, property and the environment.
Committee Chairperson: Jim Calhoun, T&T Salvage, LLC

Latin American Committee

The Latin American Committee was established to create growth and enhance the network and cooperation with Latin American countries in which there is lack of regulations and resources for pollution control and wreck removal operations.
Committee Chairperson: Lino Arosemena, Talleres Industriales

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee holds discussions with prospective members, facilitates the application process, assists applicants as needed, solicits input on prospective members from ASA membership and reports on membership status. The Committee works to reach out to prospective new members through recommendations of the Association, emails and phone calls received from people who discover the ASA, and many other means. We are a small, focused committee and are seeking other interested ASA members who wish to spend a couple hours a month reaching out to prospective members and reporting to the Association.
Committee Chairperson: Nadja Knoulton, Laredo Construction, Inc.

Marketing & Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee (MCC) is charged with implementing the Association's integrated communications plan which works to enhance the organization's visibility and expand its reach throughout North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean Sea. Serving as the collective voice of the ASA, the MCC's goal is to demonstrate through various communication channels how the Association and its members serve as partners in preparedness, compliance, and response needs to the maritime industry and its authorities. Furthermore, the committee is responsible for the oversight of the ASA's e-publication, Soundings, which is published on a quarterly basis and distributed to over 130,000 maritime industry stakeholders and salvage professionals.
Committee Chairperson: Jennifer Schlueter, Resolve Marine

Past Presidents Committee

The Past Presidents Committee was established to provide the Association with continuity and to provide advice to the President and Executive Committee.
Committee Chairperson: Lindsay Malen-Habib, McAllister Towing and Transportation Company